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More Projects Coming Soon

Residence - Glen Spey, NY

Oil to electric upgrade. BCS Mechanical converted the existing oil heating system to a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat cold climate heat pump that provides both heating and cooling. The customer now has an efficient heating and air conditioning system and eliminated the need of fossil fuels.

Residence - Rock Hill, NY

This 18,000 square foot residence includes seven split systems, custom duct-work, three ERV's (energy recovery ventilator) and a de-humidification system.

Retail - Liberty, NY

In order to provide a cost effective and energy efficient solution, BCS Mechanical utilized roof top units with fabric duct-work for this retail space.

Retail - MIddletown, NY

The main shopping area for this retail space consisted of three split system, two dehumidifiers, and spiral duct-work. The office space on the second level was conditioned by an additional split system to keep the space on it's own zone.