More Projects Coming Soon

Residence - Glen Spey, NY

Oil to electric upgrade. BCS Mechanical converted the existing oil heating system to a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat cold climate heat pump that provides both heating and cooling. The customer now has an efficient heating and air conditioning system and eliminated the need of fossil fuels.

Residence - Rock Hill, NY

This 18,000 square foot residence includes seven split systems, custom duct-work, three ERV's (energy recovery ventilator) and a de-humidification system.

Retail - Liberty, NY

In order to provide a cost effective and energy efficient solution, BCS Mechanical utilized roof top units with fabric duct-work for this retail space.

Retail - MIddletown, NY

The main shopping area for this retail space consisted of three split system, two dehumidifiers, and spiral duct-work. The office space on the second level was conditioned by an additional split system to keep the space on it's own zone.

Dining Hall - Parksville, NY

This dining hall project consisted of two 20 ton air handlers. One is a single circuit air handler paired with a 20 ton condensing unit, and the other is a dual circuit air handler paired with two 10 ton condensing units. Both air handler are paired with 40kW electric heaters.

Ductless Addition - Liberty, NY

The customers existing central air conditioning system was not satisfying their cooling needs for their 1st floor living area. BCS Mechanical added an 18,000 btuh 1:1 ductless split system to keep their open floor plan 1st floor at a comfortable temperature during those hot summer days. They also benefit from the systems ability to provide supplemental heating on cold winter days.

System Upgrade - South Fallsburg, NY

BCS Mechanical provided a full R410a system upgrade for this customer due to the existing R22 system having leaks. We provided a new R410a cooling coil, condensing unit, refrigeration piping, and line hide.

Basement Re-Model - Swan Lake, NY

This project consisted of one multi-zone condensing unit paired with four wall mounted indoor fan coil units. A multi-zone ductless system was the perfect solution for this basement re-model due to the limited ceiling space to run duct-work and provides individual temperature control in each room for the home owner.

Full Home Re-Model - Fallsburg, NY

A customer was remodeling their two story town home and needed a flexible heating and air conditioning solution due to the space limitations. After explaining the benefits and flexibility of a multi-zone ductless system to the customer, they decided it was the ideal system. Ductless wall mounted fan coil units are energy efficient, eliminate the need for duct work, and only require small diameter refrigerant piping and wiring to be ran to each indoor unit to make the system operate.